Adam Wagner

Achieve big things
with Rise.

About the project

RISE is a a stealth startup, launching to private beta in Q2 2014. Rise uses a revolutionary interaction model to help people achieve personal goals via mobile technology.

The team has decades of experience creating amazing experiences at companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Adobe, and MTV.

My Role

I designed the application for RISE. Working closely with their team of founders and developers I came up with branding concepts, specified user flows, and layouts. From these I developed usability, created wireframes and visual design.


What’s in a logo?

After a discussion with the founders I set out to create the logotype. The logo needed to represent Rise’s new idea in goal achievement. The logo needed to convey achievement in a guided, safe and friendly atmosphere.

After combining numerous fonts and font weights it became clear a custom type face would need to be created.

The founders unanimously approved the very first version, the branding was born.

App Icon

Design of the icon is a crucial part of an applications success on the iOS platform. Apple requires iOS application icons to be designed at 15 separate sizes from 1024px square down to 57px.

I created many different designs and put each through a clarity test based on size and legibility.

After the founders had agreed on a final icon design all 15 sizes of icon were massaged to improve clarity.

Usability + Design


Working from the design brief and guided by lean startup philosophy a proposed beta wire frame version of the application was created.

Wire frames allowed the project team test and refine navigation, see how the content lays out on screen, study and refine the user interface, evaluate overall effectiveness of content and determine development requirements.


The founders strategized to develop the application in PhoneGap. PhoneGap allows one code base to be output for any iOS or Android device. Understanding the need for flexibility all the visual elements including icons were designed to be created with CSS essentially making the application platform agnostic. The same code base can be complied for iPad, Android phone, or iPhone.
Wow! Time really does fly when you’re having fun.
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